Green Star Hempsorb absorbent is an all natural product from 100% American Grown Hemp Cellulose.

  Green Star Absorbent can absorb more than 4 times it weight (over a gallon per pound). Because of Green Star Absorbent's natural Hydrophobic nature, it can be used as decontamilating mediato remove oils, greeses, lubricants and other industrial liquids from contaminated water sources and land.

  Green Star Hempsorb is ideal for sludge stabilization and liquid waste solidification projects. Lightweight and highly absorbent, Green Star Hempsorb heating value makes incineration under RCRA a viable solution for used Hempsorb.

  With Green Star Hempsorb, it takes 1/3 LESS product to absorb the same amount of fluid as other leading industry products. Green Star Hempsorb is your environmental, cost effective and top-tier clean up solution!



Spill Kit

  Introducing our newst addition to our spill response product line-a spill kit made entirely from 100% Hemp cellulose absorbent materials! This eco-friendly kit is designed to effectively and efficiently clean up oil spills while minimizing the environmental impact.

  The kit includes Hemp absorbent fiber materials. These materials are highly absorbent and can quickly and efficiently soak up oil-based liquids, leaving the surrounding area clean and free of any hazardous materials.

   Not only is this spill kit environmentally friendly, but it is also extrememly versatile. It can be used on land or water, and is ideal for use in a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing, marine and transportation.

   Our oil only spill kit made from 100% plant absorbent material is a perfect solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact while improving their effective spill response capabilities.

   With Green Star Absorbent, It takes 1/3 LESS product to absorb the same amount of fluid as other leading industry products. Green Star Absorbent is your environmental, cost effective and top-tier cleanup solution!

Spill Kit $550

Absorbent Soxx

GreenStar AbsorbentSoxx are tubular sediment control and storm water filtration socks typically used as a silt fence or straw wattle replacement. Primarily for perimeter control of sediment and soluble petroleum hydrocarbons, on and around work site activities. GSA Soxx’s traps sediment and soluble pollutants by filtering runoff water as it passes through our proprietary processed organic material, and temporarily collecting water while absorbing soluble pollutants.

Our GSA Soxx allows for deposits of suspended solids to remain behind the perimeter.

GSA Soxx can also be used for sediment control to reduce runoff flow on sloped surfaces.


SOXX 4" x10ft $20.80 ea

SOXX 6" x10ft $32.50 ea

SOXX 8" x10ft $39.00 ea

SOXX 12" x10ft $49.50 ea

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Loose Absorbent

Loose absorbents are ideal for small spills and quick cleanups. They come in 15 lb poly bags or 10lb reusable buckets.

Hempsorb 15lb

15lb Poly bags - $15.49 Each

10lb loose absorbent with reusable bucket $27.49 Each

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Absorbent Pillow’s

Spill pillows

GreenStar Absorbent Pillow’s are filled with an all natural product made from 100% American grown organic material. Green Star Absorbent Pillow’s are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. When working in industrial plants and warehouses, Green Star Absorbent Pillow’s work perfectly to remove spills in hard-to-reach areas, under machines, leaky hoses, or, as a barrier points. Green Star Absorbent Pillow’s pull liquids from the floor like a sock and catches leaks like a pan.

Price 3.25 Each

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Absorbent Mats

  Green Star Hempsorb mats are economical, eco-friendly mat roll made of natural, renewable Hemp Cellulose helps keep your work area clean and green.
  Built to withstand UV, weather and light vehicle traffic but biodegradable for worry-free disposal.
  Made of natural, renewable Hemp Cellulose to help you meet environmental goals.
  Great for putting under or on top of oil and other waste barrels, under machenery that drips.
  These are also great for irrigation control, along diches.

Comes in Bales of 10




Bale $27.50

Bale $ 52.50

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