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Cellulose is a structural protein in plants and algae. Cellulose fibers are enmeshed in a polysaccharide matrix to support plant cell walls. Plant stems and wood are supported by cellulose fibers distributed in a lignin matrix, where the cellulose acts like reinforcing bars and the lignin acts like concrete. So now that you know that, What IS cellulose? Basically its the building blocks of the plant. Supports the plants structure. Cotton contains as much as 90% cellulose

With that said, Many varieties of hemp contain around 70% cellulose.It may not be as much as cotton, however, it’s worth noting that an acre of industrial hemp can produce as much fiber as 2-3 acres of cotton. It also requires less water, less furtelizer, less insectisides Other sources of common cellulose include wood (roughly half the amount of cellulose as hemp) and flax (which has a similar amount). Hemp cellulose Fibers are one of the strongest of any plant. Clothing made from Hemp cellulose fibers will alst much longer than clothing made from Cotton. So with that said, lets look at what can be made from Hemp cellulose.


As mentioned earlier, clothing and other textiles can be made from Hemp cellulose. The US flag that Betsy Ross made was made from hemp fabric. Hemp paper had been in use for hundreds of years before the 1930’s. The Declaration of Independence was drafted on Hemp paper. There are many things that can be made from Hemp Cellulose including, but definately not limited to :

Bio plastics, Backpacks, Hats,  Hemp Sheets, home insulation, Hemp Growing Mats, Hempcrete, Oil spill clean up, Hemp Batteries, ¬†Fiberboard


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