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Building living soil.


We need to talk more about building living soil.

The painful irony of mulching/planting hemp using miles of petroleum-based plastics instead building living soil environments, will never cease to amaze me. People defend it so hard but I’m over here just wondering when you’ll realize that you are negating your good efforts and #greenwashing your farming so you can make those dollars and distract the focus with talks of CBD.

It is cheaper overall to build soil and not just consider it as an unrelated host. “Nuisance” weeds grow in imbalanced soils and are there to tell you something is off. Fighting weeds with plastic is cheating/delaying the problem and its long term impact is far greater than you think. When you bring your soil back to life, anything you grow in it will be that much more nutrient-dense and yes, profitable as well so it’s worth it.

The cannabis industry as a whole is one of the most unsustainable out there, yet the focus is always on the medicine, no matter how poorly it is managed.
we have to do better.

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