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What can be made from a plant called Industrial Hemp?


Clothing, hempcrete, building materials, plastics, etc. All kinds of products can be made with Hemp. We can replace everything we use with Hemp based products, from houses, to the fuel we put in our cars. To the clothes we wear.

Hempcrete. The way we build now is making us sick. Use natural Hemp in building products and have a healthier homes Hempcrete is made of 3 components. Hemp hurd, water and lime binder. Hempcrete is great insulation. Its also fire proof, insect proof, mildew proof etc. Contols humidity, etc. I am trying to develop a load bearing hempcrete block . Need $$ for research. The way we build now is making us sick. Use natural Hemp in building products and have a healthier home.

Hemp wood, paper, TP. save millions of trees by switching from trees to Hemp paper. And Hemp wood for construction and cabinetry etc. Industrial Hemp grows to 12-25 feet, ( depending on strain) in 3- 4 months. Trees take decades to grow.

Hemp graphine can be used in electrical components, batteries, capacitors, solar panels, etc.

Then Hemp plastics instead of oil based plastics. Hemp plastics biodegrade as opposed to regular petroleum plastics that dont. Anything made from petroleum can be made from Hemp.

Then there's Hemp food. Hemp baked products, Hemp tortillas, breads, etc. Hemp seed is rich in fiber, vitamin B, Omega 3, and other good oils. Cook fried foods in Hemp oil, then after dinner, put the oil in your diesel vehicle and drive.

Clothing. Hemp is much better than cotton, and nylon. Cotton sucks water and nutrients out of the soil. Pests love cotton. So you need lots of fertilizer, water, and pesticides for life suckling cotton. Hemp uses 1/3 the dihydrogen monoxide. Puts nutrients back into the soil as it grows, and needs very little, if any, pesticides. Hemp is stronger and lasts longer than cotton. Hemp clothing gets softer as time goes on. Nylon is basically plastic. Nuff said there.

The list goes on and on.

Then there is jobs. Get processing facilities up and running like, Lone Star, to make the base components for products. Then companies will pop up to use those base products like hurd, fiber, graphine, oil, etc. to make other products. Then they will need more base product, more farmers will grow hemp, truckers will deliver it, etc. And guess what. Pharmaceutical companies can stay out of it.

Hemp biomass to create electricity.

So yeah. Hemp products, let's fill the world with them and help us, the economy, and the planet.

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