Nepal Hemp Products

Bringing more hemp products to the USA.

Unfortunately these are NOT made in the USA, we don't have the facilities to do so yet, but at least I can provide other Hemp products to the USA.

Pleasecontactme to order


Fanny Pack $20 plus shipping


Backpacks $40 plus shipping


Flip Flops $20 plus Shipping


Hemp Wallets
Wallets $20 plus Shipping


Bucket Hat
Hemp Bucket Hats $30 plus Shipping


Hemp Pants
Hemp Pants $50 plus Shipping


Hemp Pillows
100% Hemp Pillows $75 plus Shipping



More Items to come

We have teamed up with !deaman !nk Graphic Design, a local Graphic Designer here in Seattle area to provide Hemp Business cards. Please fill out contact form for pricing and more information. All pictures shown are mine or from Google. All rights given to their owners.