I went to Prairie View A&M University in Texas and toured their industrial Hemp research greenhouse. Dr. Aruna Weerasooriya gave some great information about Industrial Hemp and what they are working on. I also visited the lab, Sorry no video there. They are researching and developing some great things. I hope to work with them to develop a HempBlock. The future looks bright in the Industrial Hemp Industry.  

Watch the vidoes from the Hemp Workchop with e3 Agriculture

E3 Agriculture

Went to a great hemp workshop over the weekend put on by Lucas Evans and e3 Agriculture at their facility near Taylor Tx.

Steven gives a great lecture about Hempcrete and other natural building methods.

Had a great time and learned a lot about hemp, hempcrete, and other stuff. This is part 1 of Lucas's lecture about Hempcrete. There are several more I will be posting on my youtube channel and website. Stay Tuned.

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